Moola Chotok – The Secret Heaven of Balochistan

by | Mar 28, 2024 | Uncategorized

Although the general belief is that Balochistan is a barren land with desert areas and scarce water, the reality is very different from this popular belief. From lakes to mountains and gas deposits, this province has the incomparable beauty of the country with a natural oasis called Moola Chotok.

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This fascinating miracle of the divine is found only in Balochistan. A place that is often synonymous with pain, deprivation, poverty and restlessness, but in reality, it is more than those demons. It is home to the most beautiful natural swimming pool in Baclochistan, cited as the hidden paradise “Moola Chotok”. Although it is no longer hidden, it is now taking small steps to get rid of its secret and people of all ages are paying attention.

The Moola Chotok waterfalls have become a major tourist destination for local travelers and adventurers in recent years. If you want to book travel packages for those who plan weekends, book with Hiddenture.